This COMMON REPORT has been written transnationally by all partners and presents results of a desk top research that compiles information and gives an overview on what is de facto carried out in the classrooms of the partner countries in terms of fostering language acquisition/promotion and education for democratic citizenship.

The research carried out for the REPORT also recorded which good-practice-examples (or rather "promising practice"-examples) are to be found and what can be learnt from them. The partnership managed to identify a number of singular and "precious" examples which were integrated in the development of the In-service Teacher Training Programme.

The research combined both focusses on in-service teacher training LADECI has: the one on fostering language acquisition/promotion and the other one on education for democratic citizenship. Hence the research focused on in-service teachers throughout the participating countries (county or wider region of the partners' institution). It clarified specific demands and requirements in the countries and elaborated transnationally comparable needs. The REPORT gives concise and specific information for the partner countries as well as a comparative analysis for an international perspective.

The COMMON REPORT systemizes the loose experiences that have been made all over the partners' countries teaching heterogeneous and often still disadvantaged groups of learners (e.g. immigrants, students with special needs, refugees etc.) It provides investigation on which to build new activities that have become part of the In-service Teacher Training Programme the LADECI partnership has developed in IO4.